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“There’s two things I enjoy most about working in communications at EFI – the great people you get to collaborate with and the variety (no two days are the same!).”

Rach Colling Head of Communications

Rach Colling, Head of Communications

Employee Voices

Discover the authentic experiences of our team members, as they share their journey with us.

  • EFI offers a multicultural and dynamic working environment that fosters unique opportunities for professional and personal growth.

    Photo of Carola Chiusi
    Carola Chiusi

    Having joined EFI at the outset of her professional career, Carola (Project & Communications Assistant) has had the opportunity to enhance her competencies in communication, outreach, and external engagement, while participating in inspiring international projects.

  • EFI allows its employees to take on new challenges as their experience and skills develop in a stimulating and diverse work environment.

    Image of
    Eduard Mauri

    As an expert Eduard coordinates international projects in the Mediterranean, or develops cross-cutting or supporting activities in them. Facilitating the exchange of knowledge between actors from different countries is one of the most enriching aspects of his work.

  • Working at EFI offers a stimulating, creative, and fast-paced experience, with an inspiring environment filled with highly motivated and critical thinkers.”

    Photo of Alex Giurga
    Alex Giurca

    As a principal scientist and team leader, Alex loves to explore creative possibilities through which novel interdisciplinary thinking can help us understand and improve forest governance in Europe and beyond.”

  • EFI has a positive work environment and friendly staff, with supportive management and space to be independent and creative.

    Mukesh Kumar

    Mukesh has grown in his role from Finance trainee to Administrative Assistant, supporting various projects, from finance tasks to administration responsibilities. He enjoys working with people from different countries across EFI offices and other partner organizations.

  • Working with so many people motivated and hopeful that a change in our social system is possible to safeguard our forests and in addition to that, seeing how our work is considered by policymakers is really something you don't find just anywhere. To work here is to feel that you are actively doing something for the environment, something for us as a society, and I love that!

    Sara Uzquiano

    I am a Forestry Engineer specialized in mixed forest dynamics, working as a researcher on different projects coordinating them, and searching for new forest management strategies face to climate change.

  • The biggest strength of EFI is its international environment, which ensures that our questions are addressed from multiple perspectives! This also shapes us to be more cultural aware, flexible and adaptable for the day-to-day work. 

    Photo of Cleo
    Cleo Orfanidou

    As a researcher, Cleo enjoys working on unlocking the potential of wood products and the forest industry to mitigate and adapt to climate change, as well as bridging science and policy.

How did you end up at EFI? By chance! My former flat mate from university was working at EFI and needed someone to proofread a document. She called me, I did a test read and was assigned some freelance work for the institute before I was hired in late 1996 as a publications and research assistant. From the very early days on it was clear that my degree in English and editing skills with an intense interest in the production of publications were a winning combo.

What do you do at EFI? I’ve been very lucky to be able to change roles and learn new skills over the years. For a long time I managed EFI’s various publication series and then expanded into website management, project communications and social media, with some event organising to spice up the mix! I’d like to think my strength is resilience. I may not be the most agile communications officer as I ask a lot of questions and like to have a clear roadmap before taking on a task. But I am a firm believer in good planning and regular chats over a cup of coffee – in person, if possible – to ensure a great end result.  

What is your favorite tree? Maple in the autumn as the leaves turn red, but also because of the childhood memories of polynoses!

Minna Korhonen Communications Officer

EFI Strategy

Our vision for 2025 is of an EFI which is globally recognised as a leading science-policy platform providing forest-related knowledge to build a sustainable future.